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Misuse of Name and Logo

From time to time misuse of names and logos, either of the IOAS or its scheme owners, is reported to the IOAS or uncovered through our own surveillance.

Often this takes the form of incorrect use of a logo format or use of a name or logo on a product or document that does not have the right to make that claim. Frequently these are errors or based on misunderstandings but sometimes these are intentionally fraudulent.

Whatever the reason, the IOAS investigates each case to ensure that the value of names and logos is not undermined intentionally or unintentionally. We use an established procedure of communication with any offender which can be viewed as the IOAS policy on third party abuse of trademarks. If after a series of exchange of letters, we are not satisfied with the actions taken by the offender, we will make public the misuse on this page so that both the trade, regulators and consumers may be warned about the misuse.

If after this public naming and shaming, the offense is still not resolved, the IOAS will take legal action.


List of cases of misuse of protected names and logos relevant to IOAS assessment

We have informed the following entities that they are misusing the name and logo under the indicated certification scheme:

Richard Morgan (CEO)
Bestias Multi Trading South Africa
Block S, Mabopane 0190
North West Province South Africa
Tel: +27 842105484
Fax: +27 865969334
Company Reg: 2007/094967/23

The company Bestias Multi Trading South Africa has been observed to be trying to sell organic products in South Africa using a counterfeit IOAS certificate.