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Certification Bodies

This page provides a searchable database of certification bodies that are under IOAS surveillance for the various schemes with which we work. The listing shows the CB name, their home country and schemes in which they are engaged. Users can search for all CBs under a scheme, for all CBs with activity in a given country or the combination. Clicking on the CB name will take you to full details of the CB, their scheme status, categories of activity and countries of activity. Applicants are indicated with an asterisk. The CB may be an applicant for categories of activity or countries of activity and these are shown in the individual CB listings. The database is updated as changes are made.
NameHome CountryScheme
Biocert International PVT Ltd. CAN EU IFO ISO
IBD Certificações Ltda. EU IFO ISO NAT
Naturland e.V. ISO
Organizacion Internacional Agropecuaria S.A. CAN EU GOT IFO ISO TE

* Applicant