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Does IOAS accreditation provide approval worldwide?

February 9, 2013

Approval worldwide is guaranteed within the schemes that the IOAS operates because it is the scheme owner that defines the rules for recognition and acceptance. Some of these scheme owners are government bodies and others are private schemes.
This means that a product certified by an IOAS accredited certification body in one country will be recognised and accepted by a buyer in another country working under that same scheme. However, the interoperability of different schemes cannot be guaranteed, even between different organic agriculture schemes where country or private rules may differ. Equivalence of standards is however in operation at the country to country level and also between private schemes. We are designated as one of only four Conformity Verification Bodies under the Canadian Organic Products Regulations of 2009 and have full membership of PAC (Pacific Accreditation cooperation) a regional group of the International Accreditation Forum.
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