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GOTS March 2016 Licensing and Labelling Guide

May 5, 2016

GOTS offers a Licensing and Labelling Guide as a tool to avoid illegitimate labelling.

An update of this tool was necessary to face current misuse of the GOTS label and to provide a clear guideline for companies on how to label GOTS products in a lawful and correct manner.

In March 2016, the latest Licensing and Labelling Guide was published. One major change is the new GOTS Logo Release Procedure: Certified entities, traders, brand holders and retailers who intend to get products labelled in accordance with GOTS and/or to sell labelled products (with the GOTS logo) need to contact their responsible GOTS certifier to receive the applicable logo files and for final approval of their labelling application. The approval of the intended logo use is managed using the new Labelling Release Form.

Download the full document here