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GOTS Version 4.0 Documents Released

March 12, 2014

On March 1st, the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) International Working Group released version 4.0 of its standard. The corresponding documents can be downloaded from the GOTS website​.

Changes include modifications to rules on conventional ‘additional fibre materials,’ and a ban of virgin polyester and angora. Core provisions – such as a 70% minimum content of certified organic fibres, and bans on GMOs, nanotechnology, and carcinogenic substances – have been maintained.

The implementation period for the new criteria has been set at one year from the release date (March 1st, 2015). In order to comply with the standard, all GOTS certified entities should adopt the new version immediately.

Certification Bodies are also required to immediately inform their contracted GOTS clients about the new version and implementation period. CBs must maintain a record of this communication, and provide clients with access to the new documents.