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Ceres Shanghai successfully achieves Natrue accreditation.

Published 20 September, 2017

The IOAS congratulate Ceres Shanghai for their hard work and success in achieving Natrue accreditation with the IOAS. Ceres Shanghai based in China is now accredited for Natrue certification in China, South Korea, Indonesia and Thailand.

New OrganicExport.Info website lists legal requirements

Published 8 September, 2017

OrganicExportInfo informs on the legal requirements and certification schemes relevant for exporting organic products into different target countries. For each country, you can find information on: 1) mandatory organic standards and labels, 2) important voluntary organic standards and labels, 3) approved certification bodies/control bodies, 4) import requirements and 5) further information.  More information available from […]

IOAS reapplication for accreditation accepted for IMO India Sept 2017.

Published 7 September, 2017

IMO India is currently undergoing IOAS reassessment for COR accreditation. The IOAS publicise these applications to increase accreditation transparency. If you would like to comment on the performance of this CB on issues relevant to their application, please contact the IOAS at

IFOAM EU Group September 2017 Newsletter with update on regulation & policy released

Published 4 September, 2017

  IFOAM’s EU Group’s September 2017 Newsletter is now available. The current issue focuses on: • EU organic regulation update • Shaping the future and transforming food & farming systems at the 11th European Organic Congress, 5-7 September. • Result of CAP public consultation: sustainability must be atthe heart of EU farm policy • Internet […]