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Bolicert suspension lifted

Published 28 August, 2017

The IOAS suspension of BOLICERT, Bolivia imposed on May 31, 2017 regarding their accreditations according to ISO 17065 with scope of the IACB Equivalent European Union Organic Production & Processing Standard for Third Countries and IFOAM were lifted by decision of the IOAS Accreditation Committee on August 25, 2017. A recommendation has been passed to […]

September 2017 IOAS Surveillance and Evaluation visits

Published 24 August, 2017

It is the IOAS intention to make the following visits: CCPB SRL – September 4-7th, Italy . Scheme: IFOAM, COR, GOTS, TE & Natrue. Quality Assurance International  (QIA) – Sept 6th, Canada. Scheme: COR. International Certification Services, Inc. (ICS) – Sept 6th, Canada. Scheme: ISO/IEC 17065 & COR. Oregon Tilth Certified Organic Ltd (OTCO Tilth) […]

New Organic Cosmetics Bill Approved for Brazil

Published 22 August, 2017

The Senate Bill 532/2015 has been approved by the Committee on Transparency, Governance, Supervision and Control and Consumer Protection (CTFC) of the Brazilian Senate. According to the new bill, organic cosmetic products must have their raw materials certified according to Organic Agriculture Regulation (10.831/2003) or be produced by an organic or sustainable farming process that […]

New accreditation application accepted for iCOOP

Published 21 August, 2017

iCOOP of South Korea has recently applied to the IOAS for accreditation under the IFOAM recognition scheme and had their application accepted. They will now begin the assessment process.   The IOAS publicise these applications to increase accreditation transparency.   If you would like to comment on the performance of this CB on issues relevant […]