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Call to Host the 20th Organic World Congress in 2020

Published 20 March, 2017

IFOAM is inviting countries to apply for hosting the 20th Organic World Congress in 2020. An opportunity to support and showcase your organic sector as well as invite stakeholders from around the globe to your country. Host countries benefit from maximum exposure to a market with sales figures of over 80 billion USD, ever increasing consumer […]

GOTS Version 5.0 released on 1 March 2017

Published 13 March, 2017

The criteria for the “additional fibre material” are now stricter regarding the environmentally improved and certified regenerated cellulosic fibres: The use of Viscose and Modal is now restricted to 10% (25% for sportswear and socks). Lyocell may still be used up to 30% because of its more sustainable manufacturing processes. For the first time GOTS […]

2017 Accreditation reapplication accepted for CYD.

Published 13 March, 2017

Conservación Y Desarrollo Certified S.A. of Ecuador (known as CYD) is currently undergoing IOAS reassessment for the following scheme: ISO/IEC 17065.   The IOAS publicise this application to increase accreditation transparency.   If you would like to comment on the performance of this CB on issues relevant to their application, please contact the IOAS at […]

IOAS Official Notice 2017_02 March 2017 Permitted pest control products in EU organic agriculture

Published 13 March, 2017

Applicability: Equivalence to (EC) 834 /2007 References: 834.12 Applicable immediately The EU Regulation on organic farming (EC) 834/2007 and its implementing regulation (EC) 889/2008 make clear that controlling pests, disease and weeds at farm level should primarily be achieved by cultural methods but that certain plant protection products may be used when these approaches prove […]