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Published 16 December, 2014

GOTS has become an affiliate member of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM), given its globally-recognized standard for the processing of organic fibers and the organization’s commitment to the organic movement. IFOAM has formally recognized and endorsed GOTS, and requests governments to refrain from other establishing national organic textile processing standards. More information […]

OFDC removed from Commission list of recognised equivalent control bodies

Published 9 December, 2014

With the publication of Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1287/2014 on November 28, 2014 the Organic Food Development and Certification Center of China has been removed from the list of recognised equivalent control bodies. OFDC has failed to meet deadlines to respond to questions set by the Commission following an on-site visit from the Food & Veterinary […]

New legislation to allow flexibility for EU countries to ban GMO crops

Published 5 December, 2014

New legislation to allow EU member states to restrict, or ban, the cultivation of crops containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on their own territory, even if it is allowed at EU level, were agreed by Parliament and Council delegations on 3 Dec. The approved text would entitle member states to pass legally binding acts restricting […]

December 2014 IOAS Surveillance and Evaluation visits

Published 5 December, 2014

Evaluation visits: Onecert 8-13 Dec, India,ISO17065, EU, GOTS & TE. Surveillance visits: RA Cert: 3-5 Dec, USA, ISO17065 & SAN. QAI: 3 Dec Foreign visit Mexico, ISO17065 – USDA NOP & EU. The IOAS publicise these assessment and surveillance site visits to increase accreditation transparency. Interested parties are invited to contact the IOAS and comment […]