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IOAS welcome new Assistant Executive Director and announce the retirement of Jan Deane as IOAS Executive Director (Operations).

March 23, 2016

The IOAS are pleased to confirm the appointment of Maxime Sizaret as our Assistant Executive Director. Maxime has a Master’s Degree in Assessment of Environmental Problematics encompassing environmental issues analysis, environmental project development and environmental project management. With over 14 years of experience in the field of environment management and sustainable development we look forward to his contribution to IOAS.

Maxime’s appointment comes on the back of a recent restructuring of the IOAS with David Crucefix becoming the new Executive Director (Operations) and Ken Commins Executive Director (Business) due to the retirement of Jan Deane.

Those that have worked with Jan will know what an outstanding contribution Jan has made to the Organic sector. Jan worked with the IOAS since 1998, becoming the Programme Manager in 1999 and joint Executive Director in 2011. Her involvement with the organic movement began almost 30 years ago when she and her husband Tim bought a small derelict farm and proceeded to transform it into a productive organic vegetable holding. At various times she has been an organic inspector, manager of an organic marketing cooperative, chairman of the Organic Growers Association, on the board of the UK Competent Authority and coordinator of the IFOAM Standards Committee. Jan and Tim were instrumental in developing the vegetable box scheme concept of which today there are thousands throughout the world.

The IOAS are fortunate that Jan has, despite her retirement as Executive Director, agreed to continue to assist the IOAS on a part time basis for an interim period.