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June 2014 Surveillance and Evaluation visits: AQ, Biogro, Bolicert, CYD, Letis, NaturaCert, Naturland & OIA.

May 20, 2014

Evaluation visits:

AQ: 23 June- 3 July, New Zealand, scope: EU Equivalency, ISO17065, IFOAM, COR.

Surveillance visits:

Biogro: Surveillance and Foreign visit 16-20 June, New Zealand, scope: EU Equivalency, ISO65, IFOAM, COR.
Bolicert: 27-28 May, Bolivia scope: EU equivalence.
CYD: 18-21 June, Ecuador, scope: SAN, ISO17065.
Letis: Surveillance and Foreign visit 9 June, Argentina, scope: ISO17065, TE & EU equivalence, 10-11 July, Canada, scope: COR.
NaturaCert: 26-28 May, Columbia, scope SAN/RA and ISO65.
Naturland: June 26-27, Ecuador, Scope: ISO65.
OIA: 9-12 June Uruguay, scope: EU equivalence, ISO65 , IFOAM, COR and GOTS.

The IOAS publish these assessment and surveillance site visits to increase accreditation transparency. Interested parties are invited to contact the IOAS and comment on performance of these CBs.