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Rainforest Alliance publish updated rules on Chain of Custody

April 22, 2014

New rules come into effect from May 21st, 2014 for certification organisations and their clients under the Sustainable Agriculture Network/Rainforest Alliance Chain of Custody scheme.

The changes affect the CoC Standard, the Policy and add some additional accreditation requirements. Some key changes include:

  • Individual Farms are no longer required to obtain CoC Certification under any circumstances.
  • Group Administrators only need to obtain certification if they are handling both certified and non-certified products in their own or contracted facilities.
  • Desk Audits are now allowed for all Coffee, Cocoa and Tea companies that purchase less than 100MT.
  • Global multi-sites have been approved, with limitations (please read carefully).
  • The standard was revised to help clarify requirements, particularly around traceability.
  • The 5 standard principles have been consolidated into 4.
  • New Standard requirement for License Agreements for all Trademark Use.
  • New Standard requirement for Outsourcing Agreement with contractors.