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September 2015 IOAS Surveillance and Evaluation visits

August 25, 2015

IBD Certifications Ltd. August 31st-Sept 4th Brazil. Scheme: SAN,IFOAM.
IMO Control Private Limited. Sept 9-12th India. Scheme: SAN & COR.
Japan Organic & Natural Foods Association (JONA) Sept 9th China, Sept 30th Japan. Scheme: COR, ISO17065 & EU.
Organic Food Development & Certification Center of China (OFDC) Sept 11-12th China. Scheme: ISO17065 & EU.
Soil Association Certification Ltd. (SACL) Sept 14-16th , India. Scheme: GOTS & TE.
Control Union Gozetim Ve Belgelendirme LTD. STI. (CUGB) Sept 14-18th Turkey. Scheme:GOTS & TE.
Istituto per la Certificazione Etica e Ambientale (ICEA) Sept 21st Italy. Scheme: TE.
CCPB SRL Sept 28th Pakistan. Scheme: TE.
LETIS S.A. Sept 30th-Oct 1st Bangladesh. Scheme:GOTS.
Rainforest Alliance, Inc., RA-Cert Division Sept 30th-Oct 1st USA. Scheme: SAN & ISO17065.
The IOAS publicise these assessment and surveillance site visits to increase accreditation transparency.
If you would like to comment on the performance of these CBs on issues relevant to their application, please contact the IOAS at