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Organic Agriculture

Information on accreditation to IFOAM, European Recognition and Canada Organic Regime schemes is available here.

Sustainable Agriculture

Information on accreditation  for the Sustainable Agriculture Network / Rainforest Alliance is available here.

Organic Textiles

Accreditation against the Global Organic Textile Standard and the Textile Exchange standards is available here.

Organic Cosmetics

Information on accreditation to the COSMOS and NATRUE schemes is available here.

ISO17065 Accreditation

The IOAS is a specialist accreditation and assessment body and driven by a mission. This means that the IOAS is open to applications that involve organic and sustainable agriculture, environmental protection, social justice, fair trade and related themes. Further information can be found here.

Food safety

The IOAS does not directly provide accreditation against food safety schemes but works with the American National Standards Institute to provide a comprehensive service for certification bodies. More information can be found here.


The IOAS offers training to personnel from government authorities, accreditation bodies and certification bodies on conformity assessment in organic agriculture, management of organic certification, and other custom courses as requested. More information is available here.