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The ASA S.Africa gets tough with Monsanto

April 24, 2014

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) of South Africa has ordered Monsanto to withdraw certain ads on local radio, RT reports. In the ads, the company claims that GM crops “enable us to produce more food sustainably whilst using fewer resources; provide a healthier environment by saving on pesticides; decrease greenhouse gas emissions and increase crop yields substantially.” According to the ASA, the claims made are unsubstantiated. The ASA has informed Monsanto that “it should ensure that it holds proper substantiation for its advertising claims” or risk the expansion of further sanctions.

The move follows a complaint to the ASA lodged by the African Centre for Biosafety about the commercial. The compliant was supported by Judith Taylor from the environmental and anti-nuclear organization Earthlife Africa. Monsanto responded to the complaint, but was unable to provide input from an independent and credible expert confirming the ostensible benefits of GM crops, as is required by South African advertising law. The full article is available here.